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Which is the Best Franchise Food & Beverage in Mumbai?

Which is the Best Franchise Food & Beverage in Mumbai?

Everyone in the industry knows for a fact that the food & beverage industry, if entered correctly can help you have the highest profit margins compared to other businesses, thus also providing a lot of scope for growth. We enter one of the best ways to do this the industry with an already established brand name and by opting for the Food & Beverage franchise in Mumbai.

We are Trending Franchise, bring to you the list of some of the best food & beverage franchise in Mumbai that you think about investing in.

  1. The Comfort Zone: We all have places and people we find comfort it. And everyone has their own favourite comfort which we prefer. The Comfort Zone aims to offer just that along with a very comforting ambience. There are multiple franchise options available and depending on what you are interested in, you can select one. You can either opt for just having a kitchen, or a quick-service restaurant or even a café.
  2. The Bohemia Lounge: People always prefer quiet places where they can have good conversations with their friends rather than a noisy place where they have to speak loudly to get the words across the table. The Bohemia Lounger is a very cozy and comforting all-day lounge and an amazing hideout. There are two franchise options available for the same, one with liquor and one without liquor. Based on your personal preferences and how much you will invest, you can check it out for yourself.
  3. The Light Kitchen: This franchise of restaurants is to break the stereotype that healthy food cannot be delicious. An amazing place for all fitness freaks and would easily allow them to keep their calories in check without having to compromise on the deliciousness of food.
  4. The Naples Pizzeria: A gourmet pizza place, focused on bringing some of the healthiest and delicious pizza recipes from around the globe. Some key specialties include beetroot base pizza, spinach base pizza, and broccoli base pizza. These will be a big hit for people who are opting for low-carb and keto diets.
  5. Andamental: All food eggs. That is literally of the place, wherein they strive to provide the best egg dishes in all shapes and forms to their customers. If you don’t have enough space for a café, Andamental is also offering franchise for Express Take-Away Stores. So you can easily choose between investing in a full-fledged café and a take-away space.

If you still have any queries about these franchises, you can get in touch with our team experts at Trending Franchise and get all your doubts cleared.

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