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The Naples Pizzeria

The Naples Pizzeria


Product Description

The Naple’s Pizzeria is a gourmet pizza experiment. We, at The Naple’s Pizzeria, strive to bring the boldest, healthiest and the most delicious pizza recipes from around the world.

Going back to the basics, we intend to present pizza as a whole meal- Pizza base (carb), mozzarella and a plethora of toppings to satiate all your taste buds. Indulge in our low carb and keto pizza options and explore our extended menu.

Key Specialities : –
1) Broccoli base pizza

2) Cauliflower base pizza

3) Spinach base pizza

4)Beet Root base pizza

5) Whole Wheat pizza

Dark kitchen: Total Investment – 11 lakh, franchise fee- 3 lakh, Area Required – 300 sq,.ft
QSR: Total Investment – 19 lakh, franchise fee- 5 lakh, Area Required – 500 sq,.ft
Cafe: Total Investment – 29 lakh, franchise fee- 5 lakh, Area Required – 800-1000sq.ft sq,.ft



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