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AAdi’s Tantra Studio is the first legal and authorised Spiritual treatment provider in India with top talented practitioners to make the session lifelong memorable.


Its been mal-practised tantra in India from a long past due to lack of awareness and it’s definition. Many unidentified people were/are doing ‘whatever they want’ (hypocrisy) on the name of Tantra. Spiritual practices were myth and no true instructor was there to teach and specially no true learner was there. And whoever practising on the name of Tantra they mixed sexual fantasies to fulfil their own flesh-greed, and it resulted to turn tantra a taboo in modern and past population.

In 2010, we established a genuine and legal platform for the true art of Tantra and its practitioners and save it from vanishing away from world. We proved and explained to the world that tantra is not a taboo but a holy practice which is performed with the essence of the Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti. It always has been a touch therapy and the meditation sessions with Breathing exercises and Chakra Practices and all. We filtered the true practitioners and given the opportunities to practice and so we started a candid and authentic treatments for all the tantra seekers.

Mission & Vision-

Our Mission is always to make achieve Tantra it’s original recognition as a healing art, through which all many people can realise it’s worth and use. Tantra needs to be trended as a different medical dimension like allopathy, homyopathy, aayurveda etc so that the Conceptual victims of negative energy could get healed. Spreading awareness about its use and technics and describe how it is different from sexual thoughts.

We see the future of Tantra as a reputed medical dimension which heals the patient without no machines and no medicines but only touch therapy and meditation. Tantra has different courses which can make a person immune to all type of mental damages and illness may happen in future. It will be a good medium to stay stress-free and depression-free in future, which will help in development and stay happy. It will not remain any taboo and every person will see it in a respectable way.

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